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February 24, 2017



I found your Kindness Star on my walk along Lake Thoreau this morning. I decided to hang it in a tree where several children live in my neighborhood. In your honor, my act of kindness today was to go looking on the lake for a Common Loon (diving waterfowl) that I was told had trash tangled around his neck. I'm a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the state of Virginia so it is not uncommon for people to tell me about animals in trouble. I didn't find him, but since it was trash that got him in trouble in the first place, I went around in my kayak picking up trash and removing fishing line tangled in trees. I really like your idea of spreading kindness. I hope someone else will pick up your star and tell you what they did.

J Lynn

Hi Beth, I've been away from the blog for awhile and was thrilled to return to find your beautiful comment. Thanks so much for letting me know how the star inspired you and for the very kind work you do for wildlife. You have inspired me to think more about picking up trash when I am out in my kayak. Love and Blessings to you Beth!

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