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So you may be wondering, who is Recess Girl and why is she here? Well, Recess Girl believes there needs to be more fun, play and creativity in the world. I've always known this on some level. Recess was my favorite part of school. It was something I did well!! During recess, I could be as creative, active or loud as I wanted to be. Nobody told me to "apply myself" or "stop daydreaming" or "pay attention" during recess. I was free to be me. As you can imagine I didn't do nearly as well inside the classroom or any other place where I was required to sit still, be quiet and pay attention.

For years this caused me to believe there was something wrong with me. I thought my endless playful spirit was somehow a deficit in life. I've now come to realize it is one of the best parts of me. So I'm here to claim it, share it and encourage others to express themselves creatively and playfully. There is plenty of seriousness in the world and what we really need is more silliness, laughter, joy, play and recess!

I am the Director of a Senior Center. This job has taught me much about the need for play and fun. I'm so grateful that my job allows me many "recess moments." We dance, party, dress up, sing, have lots of food and music and we can constantly come up with new ways to have fun.


music, gardening, fused, stained & sea glass, reading, writing, the beach, personal growth, singing, being outdoors, any artistic self-expression